Front Sidemarker 1993 Plymouth Colt Vista

I can’t seem to get my front side marker on my 1993 Plymouth Colt Vista to come off. Does anyone know how it comes off?

My Wife Just Uses A Parked Car.

Seriously, I take it that you don’t have the Owner’s Manual ? They usually cover things like this.

Are there external screws holding the marker light ? That’s what my information shows, but it must be wrong, eh ?


I have the Owner’s Manual and that is not covered and there are no external screws.

Is The Marker In The Fender ? Some Are Part Of The Headlight Assembly.

Are you replacing the bulb ?

Sometimes there’s a socket that comes out the back. If it’s just for the bulb, maybe the marker doesn’t have to be removed.

Can you gain access through the “inner fender” from under the hood ?
Is there a plastic wheel well liner that would come out of the fender to give you access ?
There could be clips inside the panel (fender ?) that hold the whole marker light.

It could just snap in from outside. You could find something non-marring like a plastic blade of some kind and gently push in from the edges (sliding it under the bezel) and gently pry out to see if it pops out of there. Don’t force anything. It’ll break.


Do You Know If A Colt Is Basically The Same As A Car With A Different Badge ? Is There A Nissan, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Datsun, Mitsubishi, Or Suzuki, Etcetera, That Is The Similar Make & Model ?

It was no doubt imported by Chyrsler.

I could try looking under its sibling’s Make Model.


It’s a Mitsubishi Lancer outside of North America. At that time, Mitsubishi may not have been marketing these cars in the US…

A Mitsubishi dealer, however, would be able to help you. Their parts book would have that model covered.

Thanks. I Didn’t Have Any Success Looking Up A 93 Mitsubishi Lancer, Either.