Replacing the fender on a 1991 honda civic, need help

how do i take the side light off to replace the fender and will u have to remove the bumper? please respond ASAP. thank you

Likely, you’re not getting any responses because you put so little effort into describing what you’re trying to do. You reap what you sow. For example, if you had gotten to the point of disconnecting the side marker lamp, you would already know what it takes to remove the fender and if the bumper was obstructing it. The marker lamp can come off after the fender is removed and then swap it to the new fender before installing it. It will be obvious how to remove it then. Just disconnect the lamp harness connector for now.

I don’t know the specifics of your exact model but I have never seen a fender that could be removed without taking off a bunch of front end parts. That whole front fascia probably has to come off along with the headlamp bucket to get at the fender skin mounting bolts. There’s probably a bunch of stuff mounted to the inner fender well too. It’s not hard to do on the fly but a body manual would certainly eliminate any doubt about where and how many fasteners there are… And by all means, make sure you keep track of any shims that come out along the way, if any.

sorry i was so vague, yet what you said was all i needed, thank you kindly! being a do it yourself kind of gal, i get a little carried away. i did end up taking off the bumper and light along with plenty of other things…go figure.

much obliged,