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Chevy metro 98

i got stopped by a cop. he said my license plate light bulb is out. Later I tried to get my fingers into that area to see how to detach it. It’s very tight. How the heck do I remove it. Don’t tell me to check the fuses because i refuses. I have to be Houdini to reach them.

It’s not a fuse. The bulb is replaced from the interior. If you cannot get at it, take the car to a garage. It should run you maybe as much as twenty dollars.

hmmm. I did remove lift up hatch and remove spare to look. Lots of metal. I could remove the bumper. I’m being facetious. Maybe it’s just a push and twist. I can feel the thingy it’s attached to, but there is no room to detach it. My manual doesn’t say how to do it as it did tell me how to change a headlight bulb. My brother removed the battery first, but in the illustration I had it showed that the headlight swings out. There seems to be a hard way and an easy way to do some things. OK I’ll go down to a parts store and see if they give me a tip if I buy the bulb there.

These days the fancy designers rule the auto world. The engineers have to take a second place.

:slight_smile: I will get it done somehow and let you know when i do. Thanks

yipee i got a new bulb. I went to a parts store and the guy turned and popped out the holder with the bulb and changed it really fast. I was shocked and happy. So now I have a license plate light that works and the cops can kiss my gas pipe!

I don’t know whether or not I’d reserve any “blame” for the cops. There’s a law in your state (and probably most others) that says your plate has to be lit up at night. I’m glad that law is there. The job of the police is to enforce the laws so the cops were just doing the right thing. I’d be more inclined to thank them for it.

well, I’m from a city with over 3mil people. Now I’m in a small town and I get tired of being stopped for every piddling, little thing. They can pick on someone else for a while.

Small town cops are more likely to pull you over for this stuff. Big city cops are too busy dealing with murders, fights, robberies, domestics fights, and other nasty stuff.

I’d rather live in a small town and get told my bulb is out.

The way to stop getting stopped for every piddling thing is to keep the car in shape and check it over periodically. I’ve developed a habit that I believe helps. Every time I back up into a parking space that’s in front of a store window, I look in the rear view mirror to see if my brake lights are working. Occasionally I’ll check my directionsla too. At night I’ll check all the rear lights. Every time I’m stopped behnd a shiny vehicle I’ll look to see if my headlights etc. in front are working. It sounds silly, but it works.