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Replacing a front drivers side parking light

how do I replace a drivers side front parking light on a 98 crown vic? I couldn’t reach the bulb from under the hood and I took the screw out of the lens, but was afraid to pull too hard as I might break it.

Are You Working On A Side Marker Light On The Fender, Adjacent To The Headlight?

I went on You can go there and register yourself, put your car in as the current vehicle, and access their repair guides.

They say there’s one screw toward the back (Is that what you took out?) and a screw & nut hiding behind the headlight assembly, which has to come out.


With the hood open, there’s a nut just behind the headlamp, in the perpendicular direction that would be the stud from the side lamp.

thanks csa, i think I saw the one nut. the screw is actually outside on the lens