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Headlight loose on 97 Honda Accord

First time here, wondering how to approach this loose headlight. Thanks!

Not a headlight. That is a marker light housing.

First, figure out what is supposed to hold it in place. Second, determine if that device is broken. Third, if it is broken, buy a new light assembly and install it.

I think those light housing snap in place with locking tabs. If they’ve broken off, the entire light housing needs to be replaced. Pretty likely given the scuffs on the front bumper.

Honda likely no longer sells them (22 year old car) so look to the aftermarket (web search “97 Accord marker light housing”) for a repair. Failing that, get clever and figure out how to re-attach it without the use of tape.

hm… double-sided adhesive tape? :slight_smile:

Not enough surface area for this to work. Plus there should be a gap between the body and light.

Finally, because most non-car folks would use clear packing tape over the body to hold it and that looks cheesy!

Victor , since I have no idea of your mechanical ability or access to tools you might call some small body shops and ask if they have a solution to just hold it in place . The major shops are not geared for anything but actual repair to like new . Also it appears that you need to have the main headlight lens polished because it looks cloudy.


Since it’s Honda, it is likely to have a “prong+springy clip insert” to hold it in place, where the insert is most likely missing.

Applying adhesive tape on that prong and sticking light back into place might actually work, but it is only a speculation without seeing it in person.

I had a good experience using 3M tape for such things:

it is reasonably thick and rubbery to level-out surfaces “terrain”

I knew what you meant… but you know what you are doing. I suspect the OP does not. When I see “tape” I expect the OP would go straight to duct tape or clear packing tape.

With the prong-springy-tab thing, I’d go with clear silicone sealer on the tab. Once it sets, it is stuck in place.

… and in meantime (while silicone sets), you can hold light in place with… a duck-tape or clear packing tape :slight_smile:

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Well yeah! Duct tape is a miracle. You can’t build a race car without it!

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Thanks for the responses guys. Gives me a few things to try…

(And Mustangman is correct, I do not know what I’m doing)

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You can replace both sides for $20 plus tax and shipping from

While you there, consider new headlight assemblies. Your car will look almost new compared to now with those milky ones it has, and your night vision will be very much better.

Once you lift the hood you should see a phillips head screw holding the side marker on. Once that is removed you simply pull the whole assembly out. If it is loose now I would bet that the screw is missing.

OP, examine how the other side is attached. You might get some clues to what’s wrong by that comparison. It appears the front corner may have bumped against something and the impact popped the side light fixture from its moorings. If you find you’ll need a replacement fixture to fix it, and you can’t otherwise find a new one, given this car was widely sold, your local auto-dismantler likely has one on their shelf just waiting for you to drop by. Another good source for a used light fixture is your local Pick N Pull used car parts lot. Their web site will tell you if they have any 97 Accords on their lot currently.