Bad design



I have a 2004 Chrysler Concord. The right-front side marker light is burned out. The shop manual says simply reach underneath and unplug the lamp socket. Now unless your hand is a half-inch thick and your fingers are double-jointed, there is no way to do this short of removing the inner fender liner or the fender…JUST TO REPLACE A LAMP. I called a dealer and was quoted $160 labor to do this…JUST TO REPLACE A $1.00 LAMP.

Has anyone come up with a simpler (and less expensive) way to do this?



Two words: crime deterrent.
Everyone wouldn’t buy a new one, had it been easily removed.


are you sure that the black plastic wheel well lining doesn’t easily shove aside to get access?

usually these are tough, but are ‘doable’


i saw the words bad design and knew this was about a chrysler, anyways you made the first mistake, NEVER CALL A DEALER!


I tried that. My only thought at this time is to remove the battery and battery case, cut an access hole through the fender liner then make a replacement plate to cover the hole. Any way I look at it, it will be a royal PITA.

I’m tempted to leave it alone, but I’m concerned that this light is also connected to the turn signal which alerts the motorist that might be lurking in my blind spot in the right lane that I’m coming over.