Front end of car scraping roadway in hot weather

The last few afternoons I have been on the freeway driving in the hotest part of the day (over 100). As I go over the humps/bumps on the roadway, my front end is scraping road. This has been at speeds of 65-70mph and starts about 15-20 minutes into the drive. If I slow down to 55, it stops or if I get off the freeway and travel in stop/go traffic it stops. What causes this? Is it tire pressure related?

Try Changing Your Schedule A Bit. Don’t Go To The Doughnut Shop Until Later. See If That Precludes The Scraping That Oridarily Begins 15 - 20 Minutes Into Your Travels.

Also, check the tire pressure cold and set it correctly using a high quality gauge, not a cheap pencil style one.

What model-year is this little Toyota and how many miles on it. You may be due for new struts.


Your front end is scraping the road at 65-70 mph, and you are continuing to drive the car?

No, it is not likely to be related to tire pressure, as high-speed driving will increase your tire pressure and–if anything–should slightly increase your road clearance as the tire pressure increases.

Much clarification is needed.
Front end? What part of the front end? If it is scraping, surely you should be able to see the scars on the affected parts by this time.

What is the model year of the car?
What is the odometer mileage of the car?
Have you (or previous owners) altered the suspension?
Have you (or previous owners) installed any body modifications, such as a chin spoiler or other aftermarket body parts?
Are you using the correct tire size? (Compare the label on the driver’s door jamb to the actual size of the tires on the car.)

2004, 130,000 miles. Thanks for the help.

Are you sure it’s not something like a loose wheel well liner being blown into the tire? Can someone drive next to you and see if they see anything going on?