Scraping bottom of car on concrete driveway


Can scraping the bottom of my car cause a problem?


Year, make, model? How many miles on it? What are the symptoms of “scraping the bottom of my car—”? When does this happen? More info, please.


Well, it could potentially damage the exhaust system. Please describe the circumstances when this scraping occurs.


If it’s the tailpipe scraping, a simple solution is to cut and angle at the end of the pipe. Any shop can do this zip-zip or you could do it yourself with an angle grinder and a cutting disc.


Any kind of scraping is not good for the car. It could damage parts of the car…oil pan is one that you don’t want damaged. It could damage cosmetic components - bumper, for example. Take the car to someone who can put it on a lift to examine it. They’ll let you know.


It depends on what part of the car is scraping. If it is the plastic shroud in the front, I would not worry about it. If it is the frame, I would worry a little, but not much. If it is an exhaust component, the oil pan, or the transmission, I would be very worried.

I will add that if you approach the part of the driveway where the car scrapes with the car at an angle instead of straight-on, you are less likely to scrape anything.


In addition to what others have said, you could be scraping off paint, leaving bear metal which will then rust quicker. This is especially so if you live in an area that salts the roads in the winter.


This vehicle, according to Starsky in a new, additional post, says it’s a 1996 Bonneville with 200K miles.
What J.R. Hoyt said. I’d get the car jacked up enough so you can crawl underneath. REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST! See where either plastic cowl or metal has been scraping. Exhaust system, also. You can see scrapes on the plastic cowl and you’ll see either paint scraped off or some clean, shiny metal with scrape marks. Figure out what’s being scraped and get back to us. With that many miles, my first suspect is weak shocks, but let us know what seems to be scraping. When you find a spot, don’t stop there. Look the whole underside over. It might be scraping in more than one place.


“I’d get the car jacked up enough so you can crawl underneath.”


What the good professor should have added is: Jack up the car and then place jack stands underneath it so that it is firmly supported by those jack stands.

Alternatively, you could use ramps to drive the car onto, but please do not do exactly what profhandy stated!


Thanks, VDC, for that. I flat-out missed being my usual long-winded self. That’s what I meant about Safety First, but I overlooked the fact that we may not be dealing with an experienced person in these matters. Thanks again for the clarification.


You forgot to tell the poster to also block the (off ramp) wheels too.

Lest we forget those who do not use the parking brake.


I just read this question from starsky,and not to sound like a jerk,but are you serious? Of course
it will cause a problem.