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03 Toyota matrix - scraping noise from driver side of car

When on the highway, there is an occasional scraping/grinding almost a windy noise from the front left of the car. Happens most at high speeds when going over bumps. it’s a Toyota matrix 2003 with 163k miles. We’re on a car trip and are wondering if we need to address this now or if it can wait a few days.


I would look for a loose plastic panel under the engine or in the wheel wells. A loose panel can be in place when the car is stopped, but the wind from moving forward can bend it and cause it to drag on the ground or against a tire.

To keep on with the loose plastic panel. We have a 2004 Matrix, I was under it changing the oil a few months ago and found that all the little plastic clips that hold the covers in place under the car had broken or gone missing and was letting everything flap around.

I don’t normally drive the car so can’t tell you if it made any weird noises.