Front end fibration


I hit a 4x4 log on the free way on the left side of car. The steering wheel vibrates at all speeds and pulls to the right. It has had a alignment 3 times, tires rotated and balanced. Any suggestions?


Did you say “I hit a log and have these problems. Please diagnose and fix it” or did you you tell them what to do? Too often someone has a problem and just says “alighn it” then wonders why it isn’t fixed.

This is not an accusation, just an attempt to get a better understanding of the problem. You’ve clearly damaged something, and unless you asked them to fix it then they may not have had cause to diagnose it.


You may have a bent wheel and/or a damaged tire sidewall. Have both checked.



As you may already have surmised, I am just a caveman. I don’t understand what you mean by the term “fibration”.

But there’s one thing I DO know:

If you drive over a 4x4 post on a highway, you might as well throw away those rims because they’re BENT!


If it does turn out to be a damaged wheel ask the mechanic about getting it repaired. There are places that do quality wheel repair at well below the cost of buying a new wheel.


The sway bar may have been bent too. Wheel bearing damage? The other replies are good.