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Car shaking, pulling to left, grinding noise

Hi there,
I recently kerbed my SP20 after spinning out on the motorway. I hit the kerb going around 40kmh, probably on a bit of an angle, and the front and rear left wheels took most of the impact. Since the incident, I have had my wheels aligned but the car still pulls ever so slightly to the left. Also, the steering wheel shakes when going 80kmh+ and there is a nasty whining/grinding noise coming from the front of the car when turning right at a decent speed. What could the problem(s) be? I’m just looking to be pointed in the right direction. And yes, I know that i could be in for some costly repairs. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any help is much appreciated.

I would assume that you asked them to look at your suspension when you had the alignment done. (?)

I could imagine one or more of your wheel weights popped off. They would have never noticed that during the alignment, unless the tires were balanced.

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A wheel weight might have been knocked off. Have the wheels re-balanced. While the shop is doing that, ask them to check the overall condition of the tires (like for out of round) and for anything on the car that might be hitting the tires during turning, like the plastic under-body wind diverter. If nothing like that, I’d guess you may have damaged a wheel bearing that needs replacing. Count your blessing maybe, no one was injured, just a little inconvenience.

You have a bent wheel, a damaged wheel bearing and possibly a bent lower control arm. A wheel alignment is not the cure for such an event as this, there should have been a thorough inspection of the vehicle for damage.