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Steering problems

I was distracted when driving this morning and hit a curb very hard when turning. I checked and there is no body damage. The tire is not flat as I suspected it might be, but there is damage to the tire. When I tried to drive there is a pull to the right. It is not a slight pull but a serious one. I can make a right hand turn almost without touching the steering wheel. I can turn both directions, left and right. A visual inspection shows the tires are not in alignment now. Do you think that this may be a broken tie rod? If not what else would you suggest? Thank you, Amanda

You need to have the vehicle inspected to determine what components were damaged when the curb was struck. I’ve seen minor damage such as just a bent tie rod, to where the entire suspension cradle required replacement.


Glad to hear you were not hurt.

I doubt a tie rod is broken. If you had a broken tie rod you wouldn’t be able to control one of the wheels. You may have a bent tie rod, or there may be damage to components of the vehicle suspension, or both.

Please do not drive the car the way it is. It’s not safe. Something could break at any time, leading to total loss of control. Have the vehicle towed or transported on a flat bed to a repair shop. Call your insurance agent. The tow may be covered.

Thanks for your help. The car is parked, I limped it to my sister’s house. I will have it checked out. I just don’t want to replace 27 different things before I get it fixed. I’m somewhat mechanically inclined and can do many things myself, I’ve just never tackled this job. Thank you for your advice! I will have it taken to a shop and looked at. Amanda