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Radical up and down movement

Dont drive like my girl friend.

The other day, in the rain, she took a right turn, in my 05 jeep liberty crd, spining it 180 hitting the curb, destroying rim and tire.

I put the spare on. Now when I drive down the highway, the wheel bounces as if I was driving on a wash board.

Is it simply a thrown wheel weight, bad shock, or possibly something more serious?

Possibly something more serious. The wheel is out of balance. Hitting the curb with enough force to ruin the tire and wheel is enough to damage the suspension, bend some parts, and knock the alignment off.

You need to get the car evaluated for hidden damage. A body shop is a good option for this type of “accident” evaluation. This was an accident, just because she didn’t damage another car or hurt anyone is lucky. The car was out of control and the force of the impact was substantial.

Hopefully your girlfriend will take this as a lesson and learn to adjust her speed when road conditions deteriorate. If she doesn’t take responsibilty for her mishap then she has some maturity issues and you may want to take that into account if you are considering a long term relationship.

Wow, so quick to judge a situation you know nothing about. Nor people whom you are even familiar with. Tell, did you apply for the job of God or is it self-appointed?

Is this a “you don’t know me” type complaint?

Eh, nolongerafan, not to be personal; but, didn’t hamrhpd open the door in the post when he said, “Dont drive like my girl friend.”’!?

Those were my thoughts exactly.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not the girfriend accepts blame for what she caused, the OP needs to have the Jeep’s front end checked by a well-reputed mechanic (NOT by the guys at Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, Pep Boys, or any other chain operation) in order to see exactly what is going on there.

If that wheel is bouncing as severely as it sounds like it is, I believe that the shock absorber is damaged and/or some front-end components are broken. This is not something that can be ignored.