Frame hunting

Hey folks, had no luck on any mustang forums so now I’m here. I’m looking for any full frame vehicles have the 101.3" wheelbase same as the new edge mustang. Got a Baja build going in the works and my current obstacle is suspension related. Essentially I can’t find squat and I’m no fabricator. I’m slowly running out of options so anything and everything is honestly appreciated at this point.

Wheelbase Length Cross Reference ~ Roadkill Customs

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You are out out options before you even start. I don’t mean to be harsh but If I guess your project correctly, EVERYthing about this requires significant fabrication skills you lack.

I assume you are trying to build a baja Mustang by dropping it on to an existing 4WD frame. Shortening an F150 to the correct wheelbase would be the easiest fabrication you would need to do. Everything else is harder.

Just how far along is this project and how large is your bank account ( it needs to be 6 figures at least .

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No harshness taken. This is my first build besides a direct bolt up jeep trail rig so I’m new to this entirely. I appreciate your input

I’ve already had an internal cage put in if that’s any count. It’s early stages so after I get a frame set up I can work on drive terrain/suspension etc. Bank account is as large as I need it to be within reason

A roll cage is attached to frame. Cage is done but now you are looking for frame? You have a YouTube site? I want to see this. You need to monetize this.

I’m looking to slap a frame under the already existing unibody provided by ford. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough with my explanation

You took a 42000.00 Ford Mach-E , gutted it for a roll cage ( which will not protect much ) and plan to put on a frame and run it throught the desert ?

Talk about a project doomed from the start.

Maybe there was some confusion in what mustang I’m using. It’s not a mach e, it’s a new edge (sn-95)

It is still a unibody vehicle unless I am wrong . If it is this still sounds like a disaster in the making.

I could be wrong , I was wrong once last year.

It may end in disaster but I want to do something different than a slammed/cammed mustang. Something people look at and ask their self why but also how.

A unibody chassis has sheet metal gauge formed frame rails that are spot welded to floor pan. You want to sit these “rails” on top of “truck” frame? Or, cut out channels in floor and insert new frame rails?

I was thinking about setting it on the existing rails and having something made as a good fastener but now you’ve got me doubting that option

You can’t just throw a unit body on top of a frame, jamb some bolts thru and call it done.

Unless you want to die.

Frame mounts need to be fabricated to tie the structural parts of the unit body to custom fabricated mounts in the frame itself.

This is why I posted that your lack of fab skills has already doomed this project. You don’t understand the task at hand.


I absolutely don’t understand the task at hand. I’m completely willing to learn though.

Then find a project to learn on that can actually be done by a novice.


Step 1, Go to trade school and earn your automotive tech certifications, in general repair, brakes and suspensions at the very least.
Step 2, Take courses to learn how to weld.
Step 3, Befriend a degreed mechanical engineer; preferably one that works for an auto manufacturer, truck upfitter or race team.
Step 4, Befriend either an electrical engineer or a an ASE tech that loves wiring and computers.

I’d say this is the fastest way to acquire the information you need. Or you can start with small automotive repairs, modifications, and projects to build your knowledge base and like-minded group of friends over about 20 years or so.

Now you have enough knowledge at hand to start planning this project.

I don’t want to discourage you… but this is like learning to cliff dive starting from a 100 foot cliff into rocky shoreline. Start by diving in a pool from the edge before you take the 100 footer.


He’s using a 94 - 98 Mustang (SN95) also known as a New Edge Mustang

OK , I see what he has now. He kept posting new Edge and I took that to be a 2021 Ford Edge .
All he had to do was say he wanted to put a 1994 Ford Mustang on another frame so he be a desert runner . Still a silly idea.