Frame hunting

Tv show Texas metal did that last year. Took a new camaro Zl-1 and cut out unibody rails and made a new frame. But they wanted to put 18” wide wheels in rear and had to cut up 90% of floor to fit in new rails and wheel tubs. They charge about $100k for their “typical” jobs. Watch a few episodes and see what they do.

There are many redneck 4 wheel drive cars, they don’t look like they were assembled by talented engineers.


The Chihuahua dog is also known as an attitude with four legs if someone was to build a Smart car like the one in the picture would it be also be known as an attitude with four wheels? :laughing:

Don’t know what chassis is underneath but there’s a 1987 or 88 Camry on a 4wd chassis that’s been around for years, now lives next door to a co-worker.

Kinda looks like it doesn’t run though…No engine or transmission, No door handle, no mud embedded in the treads or the wheelwells. Basically a big ugly lawn ornament.

New Edge = 99-04 . Same chassis a the SN95 (94-98), but more angular styling (hence the name “New Edge”. In the Mustang world SN95’s are 94-98, and New Edge is 99-04. Even though they are mechanically the same as far as chassis/brakes/suspension goes.

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Thanks, it’s been a long time since I tried keeping track of all that.