-2 degrees camber on one front wheel

So I bought a 04 mustang gt and when I bought it the guy said it just needed an alignment. When I took it for that they told me that’s the closest they can get it with all other 3 wheels being fine. Just on the front driver side having -2 degrees camber. My question is Im not sure what’s causing it to have that but I’m wondering if I can go the route of getting a camber plate to make the other wheel on the front have the same camber. Will this even it out so here the car doesn’t sway to one side?

Whatever the cause is you need to fix the left side so it’s in spec, not break the right side so it’s broken in the same way the left side is.

If the shop that did the alignment can’t tell you what the next step should be, find a shop that specializes in alignment and suspension work.


If it was that simple, why hadn’t he done that already? I suspect an incident like a curb strike here.


Something is probably damaged, and if that something was cheap or easy it would have been fixed, unless it was going to be sold anyways.

Hopefully @Mustangman will chime in. Probably not an uncommon problem. On my 50 year old Ford truck the front camber isn’t adjustable just by twisting on a bolt, but can be adjusted by replacing control-arm bushings/spacers. OP’s mustang may have a bent suspension part as well. If so, best bet is to just replace the faulty part.

Check if the strut is bent on that side.


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Yeah so I’ve had the car for over a year now and it being my daily. I waited until a couple months ago to finally get it fixed but they told me that. Only thing I know is that it not the strut/ ball joints as those are new. There’s also nothing crazy going on while driving it drives fine just steers to one side

Unusual tire wire on that side vs the other side?

Yeah all tires are on its last legs but I think I remember that one tire being worse I suspect from the camber.

Definitely want to fix, otherwise may damage new tire; i.e. may be less expensive to fix than not fix. Wishing you good luck the fix won’t be overly expensive.

Use a camber correction bolt in one of the strut mounting holes if you want a quick fix. Your alignment tech is pretty lame not to suggest that.

The problem is likely caused by an accident… that pushed the strut tower inward towards the engine… Or the car’s subframe is pushed over towards the -2 strut and can be loosened and shifted back… Or the steering knuckle is bent which is a weak point on these cars.

If it were mine, I’d find the reason rather than just throwing a camber correction kit in it.


Thanks man, trying not to worry to much but definitely want to get it fixed soon.

Lowered springs? Will affect camber.

Thank you for the idea of the correction bolt. That’s definitely something I’ll look into if the mechanic tells me a number I can’t afford right now.

Yeah but they were installed way before I went for the alignment so I’m sure they corrected that as all the other wheels are up to spec

Appear to me to be normal ride height.
If lower springs, or lowering kit, can not be “fixed” have to be replaced.

Mustangman is highly knowledgeable about suspension.

I will echo others by saying any advertisement that says “just needs” is a major red flag.

Very nice looking car imo.

Lowering springs will increase negative camber as it sits. Camber correction bolts can get it even side to side.

You should seriously look for damage.

First step would be to check to see if the chassis is square. Basically measure the suspension along the diagonals. Google is your friend here.

If you had adjustable coil overs you could raise one side and that would change camber. Have you measured ride height at each corner? Is car level?