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An interesting new functional error on this site

I am not the person who created the thread regarding the left-over 2013 Sonata Hybrid, but–for some reason or other–I keep receiving notifications whenever somebody responds to it. If my screen name had been mentioned by somebody in that thread, then I can understand why I would receive a notification regarding that particular post, but I am receiving a notification every time that somebody adds a response to a thread that I did not create, and in which I am not mentioned.

Is anyone else observing this type of strange functional error?

Did you inadvertently click on the star at the top right of the thread? Make sure it’s white, not gold.

I never noticed that function previously!
Yes, it was “gold”.
I think I know how I inadvertently did that yesterday. The battery in my wireless mouse died, and I was temporarily using the touchpad–which I despise, and which sometimes results in undesired outcomes.

You can shut down this thread now!

I’ve been forwarding them all because I thought you were lonely @VDCdriver .

Next it’s all the spam E-mail I get.


I also despise any and all touchpads. I have a backup for my backup wireless mouse.

I have gotten pretty used to my touchpad,sitting on the couch watching tv and surfing the web at the same time makes a mouse inconvenient

The MacBook touchpad is very good. Most Windows machines with touchpad don’t come close. We just bought an HP Spectre X360 and the touchpad functions about as well as the MacBook.

Got a chromebook myself, really fine for surfing, touchpad is fine, but can’t used it for password protected docs, , google wants to see everything including what I print if I shared the printer in the cloud for printing I fear, would have to connect my printer to the google cloud if I want to print, so I occasionally have to go to the win 7 tower. Regular mouse and keyboard. Office and network printer.

Oddly enough this happens to me with some threads I didn’t even mark as a favorite. Glad everything is all worked out.

It happened to me a few times in the past but now I understand why. I had to almost get the magnifying glass out to see the star. But now that I know its there, I guess its kinda a neat feature if there is some discussion you want to follow.