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Getting rid of notifications

When I go to log out, I click on my avatar in the upper right. I get a list of old notifications I have to scroll down past to get to the log out. How can I remove the old useless notifications?

Why do you need to log out?
If this site was one that was involved with your finances, I would agree that you need to log-out when exiting, but on a site such as this, I just don’t see the need.
I never log out from this site, and as a result I am ready to view and respond to interesting posts as soon as the site loads.

Can you explain why you think it is necessary to log-out from a site like this?

I never log out so I never notice those things.
At the end of the day I just close all my windows and tabs then log out of the house system.

I never log out either until every once in a while they have kicked me out and have to log in again. I rarely click on my picture or whatever its called.

Just habit I guess.

I too am having a terrible time with these d***ed notifications automatically coming up when I hit “community”. It just started happening, and I hate it. I notice these other posts are all new, so it sounds like something new given to us that we apparently don’t want. Can you either tell us how to shut the thing off or make it appear only upon request. It’s a PITA.

Thank you.

Hi, @the_same_mountainbik. I want to make sure that I understand what you’re describing. Are you talking about a sudden increase in the number of notifications you get up top in the colored circles? Seems to be a bit different from what PvtPublic was talking about. I’m not aware of any new features that were launched that might have caused this.

Nope. I’m describing the sudden appearance of the colored circles. I’d rather not see the circles.
I’ve always believed that on an open forum everything should be, well, openly posted. I respect the perspective of those that prefer to carry conversations “offline”, and commend you good folks for offering support for them to do so, but I personally only go to the forum topics.

Sorry I took so long to reply. I don’t check “Site Feedback” very often. My bad.