Ford Windstar ABS light on

I have my ABS light going on at spring and summer time, almost every day, when the winter starts (I am in Minnesota), it goes on no more than twice in the entire winter. When the light is on the ABS DOES NOT WORK (I tried). Anyone has experienced a problem like this? This is going on since 5-6 years. Thanks Carlo

The light on means a fault has been detected. The system shuts down by default if the light is on to prevent unintended activation due to the fault. You will need to go to a shop that has a scan tool to pull the ABS codes. The code readers at parts stores, like Autozone or O’Reilly’s don’t read ABS codes. Please don’t replace any parts until you can get the trouble codes and thier definitions.

However, the most common codes are for the wheel sensors. They can get gunked up with all kinds of crud, especially after several years of duty. Cleaning the sensors helps in many cases.

Likely the problem is the sensors. If not, could be the ABS electronics module that has a defective part that is temperature sensitive. I have a telephone answering machine that works ok in the summer, but not in the winter. When it is cold and it stops working, I can blow warm air on it using a hair dryer, and it starts working again straight away.

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