ABS light came on?

Hi, the abs light came on which is just above the fuel gage. What doest this mean?

Car is a 1999 ford contour.

There is a fault in the ABS system and your braking system is working without the ABS function(basically old school brakes).

You can get codes read to see what fault is and go from there. Its okay to drive but realize ABS no longer functions.

Yeah, it means there is a fault with the ABS. You can ignore the light as long as you wish since you still have normal braking ability. A professional shop can diagnose and repair your ABS.

What price should I expect to pay?

Depends on what’s wrong. Most common is a wheel speed sensor. The part will probably be under $100, installation will probably be another $150. That’s if you go to a reputable independent. Double that if you go to a dealer.

Realize that on a car 8 years old they may find other needs when they start the diagnostic process. Have them show you anything else they claim should be done.