ABS light

Hi ! Right after my car got inspected, I noticed the ABS light comes on immediately after I start driving. I am concerned as I live in an area where snow and ice storms are frequent this time of the year. Ideas, suggestions. Thank you

The ABS light goes on when the system detects a problem and sets a trouble code. It also turns off the system. This means the ABS system will not kick in when needed to prevent wheel lock. To fix this, you need to find a shop that can read the ABS codes. A simple code scanner will not work, since this system is not part of the ODB-II engine management system, but a separate system altogether. The ABS code needs to be read, the problem properly diagnosed, and properly fixed to get the system working again.

The ABS does a self check when the engine is first started. If the ABS light goes off shortly thereafter no problem is detected with the ABS. Once the vehicle starts moving and the ABS light comes on it points to a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors or it’s tone ring.

One of the things to check for when this problem occurs is debris on the wheel speed sensors and the tone rings. Debris such as brake dust from semi-metalic brake pads and rotors can accumulate on the sensors/tone rings messing the signals up to the ABS computer which will cause the ABS light to come on.

To see if this is the problem, get a can of sensor safe brake parts cleaner and clean off the sensors/tone rings of any debris.


Newer cars do not turn off the abs circuit. It just means to get it checked. Hey without the actual code why did you even say this busted. It makes no sense. The GM system I thought would report the code depending on the year which I do not see in this message.

If the ABS system senses a problem, it should turn off the system until the problem is corrected to prevent the system from behaving unpredictably and incorrectly due to the problem. It is a general fail-safe protocol.

In a Dodge Neon of any year, a lit ABS light means your ABS is not working. This need not be a major concern as you still have normal braking. The Neon has excellent braking under dry, normal conditions.

If you are concerned about icy roads you ought to have this repaired. Be aware that (depending on the nature of the problem) repairs to ABS can be very costly. You may well choose to forgo repairs on ABS for the remainder of your ownership. Many car owners choose this route. It’s entirely up to you.

"Newer cars do not turn off the abs circuit. It just …"
INCORRECT. If the ABS light is on, the ABS is disabled.

Thank you ! appreciate all the advice.