2003 Windstar ABS and brake lights stay on

The ABS and brake lights stay on most of the time. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Check the brake fluid level, it may be below normal level.

This happened on my wife’s 98 Windstar. The Excitor ring (looks like a toothed gear) came loose on the CV shaft on the left and right sides on two occasions. Check the front and back axles. Check the wiring harness on each axle too.

Is the 2003 Windstar part of the recall to repair the back axle corrosion problems?

Could be any number of things, or even a combination of things. I’d get a code check as soon as you can to find out what the computer thinks is wrong.

The ABS light staying on just means that ABS is malfunctioning (which could be as simple as a bad speed sensor or a dirty contact somewhere), but the brake light staying on could be a sign of something more serious.

Oh, and I have a vague recollection that on my '99, the brake light on the dash came on the last time I blew an exterior brake light. I’d check that first. :slight_smile:

Check the brake fluid level, or have it checked, as it’s hard to reach on this car. It’s probably low, causing the warning lights. If it is low, it’s time for brakes.