Ford Mustang door panels

I have a 2005 Mustang with simulated leather door panels that have come off both doors. I know from other discussions that this is a problem in high humidity areas after several years of owning the car. Does anyone have a solution or some replacement door panel that would look better than what I have now?

3M Spray Adhesive works great on various things. If your “simulated leather” is vinyl, try the 3M Spray Adhesive for Rubber and Vinyl.


Depending on what is deteriorated, the cardboard behind it or the vinyl or just the attachment, replacement cardboard is available to make a new backing, and replacement vinyl is also available. An auto upholstery shop is the best place to consult unless you want to do it yourself.

Agree w/ @Bing , the best sol’n is to have this done professionally. If appearance matters I mean.

But if you want to experiment, I’ve had good luck with hot melt glue – so called “shoe glue” — for problems like this. I should add though that I’m not what you’d call the guru of glamour … lol … if it stays put, good enough for me.

On the subject of glues, I’ve also had good success with Polyurethane construction adhesive. You can buy it in the big “caulking gun” size tubes, or in smaller 4 oz squeeze tubes for small jobs. I used some to glue a sole back on my trail shoe, and it worked great.