Mending my Mercedes

I’m trying to give my 98 Mercedes a better life. How do I easily and cheaply mend a gouge on one interior door? Is there some kind of product you can smear on and it looks patched? Also, I want secure this leather (ish) covered cardboard piece that keeps popping out of another interior door. Is there some kind of epouxy or glue that works on car interiors?

Interior door? Do you mean the inside door panel?

I doubt there is any ‘filler’ that would look any where half decent though.

You may be better off to just replace the panel with one from a recycle yard.

Same goes for the piece that keeps popping out. If the piece is an access panel I wouldn’t glue it in. Perhaps a small screw would suffice.

I doubt it’s “leather (ish).” I would expect it’s real leather on a Mercedes. As Roadrunner suggests, find a replacement from a salvage yard, or spend some real money and order a new piece from Mercedes. I’d go with the recycle yard. If the other part you are talking about is the interior door panel, then probably there is a plastic holder either broken or missing that pops into a hole in the door. These plastic pieces are readily available at auto parts stores. I would not screw up the interior with epoxy. Those panels are removable for a reason. You don’t want to need access and have to destroy things because you glued it in place as a quick expedient.