Cloth on door panel

I have a 2004 Honda Civic Coupe. The cloth covering on the door panels is coming off. I could probably take it back into the seam, but, any recommendations for the kind of glue I should use to adhere it?

*tuck it, not take it


Contact cement

I’d try a two part epoxy. But I admit to not being knowledgeable in upholstery.

I’ll second the contact cement, I’ve seen it used on several shows for repairs like this. Here’s an example (I haven’t used it or the vendor):

I would have thought contact cement would be difficult to work with in this case. The stuff I’ve used before bonds as soon as the two surfaces touch, so everything needs to be lined up perfectly. Not sure how you could tuck the fabric into the slot when it’s trying to stick to the outside of the form. Unfortunately I don’t have a better suggestion.

Alternative - take it to a shop that works on interiors, they should be able to fix this quickly, for not much cost.

I’m inclined to go with texases on this in terms of asking a pro to do it. It does depend on how you like to keep your car. Some people don’t mind “close enough” repairs on things like this. Others want it to be just right. The thing is that if you try it and it doesn’t come off well, whatever you do will probably prevent anyone else from fixing it correctly.

It’s true that contact cement would be ok in terms of its functionality. But as macfisto noted, it is very unforgiving to work with.

Go to any home improvement/hardware store and pick up a can of this.

Mask off any areas you don’t want the adhesive to be applied to.


I’ll second the 3M spray adhesive. It’s available at any hardware or big box store and is designed for this type of application.