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What type of adhesive?

I have an '03 Honda Civic. The interior door panel, driver’s side, is made of plastic with a fabric covering.

The fabric has come detached from the panel and I just need to find a good adhesive to make a repair. I believe I’ve seen aerosol adhesives but would appreciate any advice on type and/or brand to use.

I have NAPA and Advanced Auto Parts stores in the area, and a good hardware store also.

I’m no expert, but I’ve seen the 3m stuff referenced the most.

The 3M #77 spray adhesive will work for a while…Super-Glue works good but is difficult to use. Hobby shops sell a product called “Zip-Kicker”, a spray, that instantly sets any super glue making the job much easier…

Thanks for suggestions so far.

Go to Napa and get a tube of 3M trim adhesive for about $10. The heavy duty spray would work too but more expensive and will be hard to control unless you are doing a whole panel.

Automotive Goop works awesome