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Glue for Door Vinyl Covering

I own/drive a 2000 Taurus SES with 161K miles. Love it. It doesn’t owe me the time of day. However, it’s starting to show its age cosmetically. The “leather” covering the door interior has started coming off. I see a simple fix if I glue it back on. I’m assuming the original glue simply dried out, causing it to come off.

What is the best glue I can use for this job?

3M company makes several glues that will work for this. You can get it in a spray can or tube depending on what works best for you. Auto. part # is 08088 for can and 08031 for the tube. Check your parts stores or body shop supplies store.

Many thanks for the great and speedy reply!


YUP 3M interior or exterior trim adhesive is GREAT…I would buy the exterior as it is stronger and you may need it for other items outside the car soon… 3 M makes great adhesives…it will be in an aerosol can or tube if you like it that way…

Do you recommend either spray or tube? Which yields a neater result or is easier to work with? Thanks for your help!