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Burning smell in vent

I have a 2016 Ford Explorer. I had it in the shop for a burning smell and they said I had a transmission fluid leak. I am still getting a burnt smell from the cars vent without the ac or heat on.

Is the vent open? Even without heat or AC on, the vent will pass outside air into the cabin. Also, it takes time for the transmission fluid to burn off whatever it landed on. The exhaust system, I assume. Did you have the leak fixed? From the way your post reads, it looks like you did.

Vents are open. Yes the Ford sealer fixed it. They are the opens that said it was a transmission fluid leak. That was two weeks ago.

Ford dealer

It could be left over fluid still burning off.

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Wow even after two weeks!

Possible, though it might be about time look at other possibilities.

There’s been some posts here about Ford Explorer exhaust odors and leaks as I recall. Suggest to use the forum search feature to read some of those threads. The search icon is upper-right on this page.

I don’t recall those, @George_San_Jose1. I do remember discussions here and in the news media about exhaust gasses getting into the cabin of Explorers, mostly police versions. IIRC, it had to do with modifications to make them police cruisers. The mods left holes in the body that supposedly let exhaust in.

Was the cabin air filter replaced?,2016,explorer,3.5l+v6,3330852,heat+&+air+conditioning,cabin+air+filter,6832