Ford Bronco will make its long-awaited debut on Jul 9,

For anyone interested, July 9 is also O.J. Simpsons birthday.
After a highly anticipated wait, Ford Motor Co. announced it’s releasing the new Bronco on July 9 — which just so happens to be O.J. Simpson’s 73rd birthday.

The Bronco was infamously linked to Simpson’s halfhearted escape attempt after police charged him with murder in the early 1990s. Ford was none too pleased with the association at the time, the Detroit Free Press reported.

As for the new release date? “Purely coincidental,” Mike Levine, Ford North America product communications manager, told the Free Press.

The most famous Slow-Motion police chase in history! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


BTW, why would a celebrity living in the most paved region of the world want a 4-wheel drive station wagon? I understand that off road equipped SUVs are big sellers in LA.

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And I’m sure he has a bridge to sell too.

And also some ocean fron property in A rizoa.

Have you seen the hills in Brentwood? :wink:

Actually, a short drive out of LA puts you in the mountains. You can even go snow skiing in Southern California. Then there’s off road desert driving.

Right? It certainly got everybody talking about it. Now that’s marketing!

Reveal moved to July 13th now.

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The article I read said Ford didn’t want to release the new Bronco on OJ’s birthday. Apparently the original release date was a coincidence.

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Maybe. Either way, Ford sure got a lot of free publicity.