Ford Bronco; Bob Lee Swagger "Shooter"

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I have recently started watching the show shooter on Netflix and I saw the main Character, Bob Lee Swagger, driving a ford bronco. I have done some research and someone said it looked to be a '76 Bronco sport.

I wanted to come on here and see if anyone can confirm, and if anyone knows the paint code?

Anything would be appreciated.

Picture attached below,

Another picture,

See if one of these matches:
1976 Color Codes - Ford Truck Paint Cross-Reference (

Certainly looks like it could be a '76. I wouldn’t bet it is painted a factory color, but it could be.

As for paint codes… '66 to '96 have a search, you might find it.

The 1976 paints don’t look anything like that Bronco. 1973 Durango Tan, 1971 Mojave Tan, and 1969 Pebble Beige sorta look like it. Then again, it’s a photo and paints age over time.

Like @Mustangman said, good chance that’s not a factory color.

But it’s not too far off ‘dark ginger’:

Eww, … my eyes!!!

Mustang II in Turd Brown, as we used to call it… Not a fan of that or the greens popular back then…


But look at that fancy vinyl roof!:flushed:

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It’s a 1968 or older, or at least the front fenders are, 1969 and newer Broncos had a yellow/amber marker light on the front side.

And 1967 was the first year for the red side light in the rear.

So that makes it a 67 or 68


There was one car back in the day that had an uglier vinyl roof. Subaru back in the day made a very few 4 door sedans that were meant to mimic a Lincoln Town Car.

Padded vinyl roof, opera windows, and loads of cheap electro gold plated plastic from one end to the other; both in and outside. I’ve only seen one of those wheeled embarassments and that was more than enough. Made the Aztek look decent…

That is a customized vehicle, could be any year 1968-1976. Front fenders have been replaced omitting the side marker lights. Grill does not have the large turn signal lights used on later years. Custom seats, custom wheels, wheel wells cut and custom paint, let’s call it steel gray.

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I don’t recall ever seeing one like that but if it made the Aztek look decent it had to not only of hit the ugly tree but had to run through the whole forest of ugly trees.

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I like those old original colors for some reason. Not on a newer car…and not on a Mustang 2…but the original colors on the Bronco’s, Blazers, muscle cars, etc. Even if it is poop brown or pea green

they usually have a bunch of cars for movies. some of the better ones for close ups, some for stunts, ect. just like they had a bunch of General Lee’s

I’ve only seen one of those Subaru WannabeaLincoln. Maybe after a production run of 2 or 3 they decided enough was enough and canned the people behind the design. Calling it hideous is being way too kind and all of that gold plastic just made it much worse.

Years ago when Roger Smith took over at GM the first thing he said he wanted to know was who signed off on the Aztek. He said no one ever 'fessed up and odds are some paper trail went missing when the ones behind it went into self preservation mode.

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From a Car & Driver story on how we ended up with the Aztek as we know it.
It wasn’t supposed to go that way, of course. According to designer Tom Peters, the idea bubbled up from GM’s West Coast Advanced Concept Center. The notion was to mix the attributes of a Camaro and a Blazer into a wide, low, powerful, off-roadish thing referred to as the Bear Claw. Think of it as a GMC Typhoon with off-road tires.

But the GM overlords determined that the thing should instead be based on the tall, narrow structure from the corporation’s minivans. Did this deviation, and the inherent compromises it represented, prevent GM from producing the thing? It did not.

The Bear Claw idea was to lash the practicality and off-road capability of an SUV to the performance and excitement of a sports sedan. Instead, the production Aztek, powered by the corporate 3.4-liter V-6 and with a decidedly on-road–focused optional all-wheel-drive system, combined the performance, excitement, and off-road capability of a minivan with the lesser practicality of a chopped minivan.

That would have been silly enough. I always viewed the Typhoon as a comedy/troll truck. Its one trick was blazing-quick (for the time) acceleration. And it was funny to smoke a Porsche off the line in a big SUV. What would that have done for you off road?

The better off road troll/comedy car was the AMC Eagle. That thing could keep up with just about any factory 4x4 on off road trails. And the reactions of the Jeep guys when a little hatchback passed them on the way up the rocky mountain trail was indeed very funny.


AMC…from the Gremlin to the Pacer to the Eagle…they surely made some odd stuff. Even the cool stuff like the Javelin was kind of oddball.


I really liked the 68 AMX

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Here’s a 66 Bronco for sale. Only $255,000 … lol …