White Ford Bronco

Seems that the OJ Simpson fiasco has been back in the news. I’m just curious regarding whether or not a '93 Bronco in good condition, and almost identical to the one involved in the slow-speed freeway chase on national TV might have an enhanced (or reduced) value in the eyes of car buffs. Just curious. Anyone have thoughts?

Probably not. They aren’t exactly rare. If you had THE Bronco that OJ ran in, then you’d have something that some demented whackjob would pay a premium to own, but generally "this car is the same model as the car that … " cars don’t have much value over what they’d be worth normally.

I mean, when you think about it, Lincoln Continentals didn’t become mass collector’s items just because Kennedy was shot in one, so an aging thug football player’s getaway vehicle isn’t going to elevate all Broncos either.

Actually I’ve seen a few suicide-door Continental convertible cars, and they always have that limousine deep blue that the ill-fated one sported. I wouldn’t be surprised if they owed some of their collector status to history.

On a stupider note, I wonder if a “Griswald-mobile” Country Squire would be worth something in movie trim…

‘‘collectors’’ editions of ANYTHING…plates, guitars,fishing lures etc is 100% relative to the buying audience. And very often…as in the case of this Bronco…timing may be more important.

I dunno, maybe the value doubled from $25 to $50 but wouldn’t interest me either way.

The Continentals with suicide doors are popular because they are beautiful. And while nice, I prefer the Continental Mark II. Coupe or convertible, simply divine.

Oh, and a 1993 Bronco is not all that interesting unless you are looking for something to go stump jumping and don’t car if it gets damaged.

Yeah it certainly wouldnt effect the value in my opinion. Maybe the bronco would induce an OJ joke or two but thats all. Theyre sweet trucks and one in good shape should be worth some good money for what it is.

A white '93 Bronco will have absolutely no added value because it resembles the O.J. Simpson Bronco. But if you believe it should, I have some gloves to sell you…

The Continentals with suicide doors have value because they’re one of the most gorgeous designs ever produced. It’s unfortunate that the current Lincoln design team didn’t take design cues from them. The new Lincolns look like they were inspired by an overweight person straining on the commode. Sorry, but that’s what the new Lincoln reminds me of.

O J Who??? {:slight_smile:

Call me naive or a softy but I thought the guy was innocent till he got out and started doing more stupid stuff again. Now it sounds like the glove was sewn up so it wouldn’t fit. Ugggg.

The look on his face when the verdict was read said it all. He was dumbfounded that the jury could be that stupid.

He tried to put a leather driving glove, which by design is snug, on over a cloth glove. Try that some time. You can’t do it.

I saw on TV recently that Marcia Clark never tried another case. I wonder why.

There might be a little more interest in a White '94 Bronco but most likely the interest would be in any well kept Ford Bronco of this era. The Ferrari 308/328 has been dogged by the Magnum Pi connection but is starting to appreciate. Some buy a Delorean because of the back to the future movies,others for the stainless body and gull-wing doors.

Dumbfounded that the jury could be that intimidated. It does show you that it was a jury of his his peers. Those he hung out with were appeasers too.

I can make my hands swell with very little effort, he has arthritis tooo

@dagosa: Notwithstanding OJ’s likely guilt, LAPD had huge chain-of-custody issues with the physical evidence, and a pair of uniformed goons as first on the scene.

I’d put it as the odds-on favorite that the extant evidence was “enhanced” to get a conviction…and when you get caught with your hands in the cookie jar like that… it’s understandable that a jury would disregard everything else. (Heck, maybe they wanted to punish the LAPD more than they wanted to punish OJ!)

A more professional PD would have had OJ wearing orange.

There was a DeLorean for sale in Salem NH about two years ago. Truth is, the DeLorean was a dog. Its only value is to round out an incomplete collection. Or to make a time machine.

Well there is apparantly another slow speed car chase going on now in LA. Looks like a burgandy car so maybe now is the time to go buy a couple in hopes of appreciation.

Mountainbike, stop demeaning dogs be equating them with a slug like the DeLorian

LOL, well said, jt.