Ford Bronco; Bob Lee Swagger "Shooter"

That’s pretty crazy. I see it has a modern Ford 5 liter and overdrive trans. It’s really done well, and classic Broncos (even unrestored) are expensive…but get outta town. A quarter of a million? :unamused:

The shop that built this has sold a bunch of these resto-mod bronco’s for over $200,000. Sort of like if ICON had built the truck. They have a '78 with a Supercharged Coyote engine for $258,000. Don’t think i’ve heard of this shop before.

Really well done. I just don’t know what you’d do with a quarter of a million dollar Bronco. I guess if you can afford it, you can do whatever the heck you want to with it, though!


I’m familiar with what Icon builds which is the same sort of high dollar build, Really should be driven and enjoyed but i suspect a lot of these end up in collections purely for show.

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Anybody else except me a fan of Stephen Hunter?

I think he’s a great writer

Many of his novels that aren’t about snipers are also excellent, imo, such as The Day Before Midnight and Tapestry of Spies

Pale Horse Coming, featuring Earl Swagger, is also REALLY good

I think I could have more fun in a ratty old Bronco with the top taken off than I could in one of those high dollar rigs!


Yeah but you (and me) don’t have cubic yards if disposable income. If we did, then spirited off-road driving in the restomod Broncos wouldn’t bother us.

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That’s the “problem”.
By the time we got old enough to accumulate the extra bucks, we also got smart enough not to blow it on things like a $250,000 old Bronco.

Personally, I’m holding the cash for my dream date with Bo Derrik or Christy Brinkley and if either calls my wife of 40+ years will just have to understand. :rofl:

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No, never read any of his novels. Which of these would you recommend? Sniper’s Honor, Third Bullet, Dead Zero, Master Sniper, 47th Samurai ? I’m not particularly fond of novels about snipers is the problem. I don’t have an easy source for the two you recommend above unfortunately.

You don’t like sniper novels, huh?

The Day Before Midnight
The second saladin
Tapestry of spies

None of those are about snipers, but they’re all very good

Just giving you some ideas for reading material :smile_cat:

I’m currently reading two books, fiction, 2030 by Albert Brooks, novel about the USA’s near future. And non-fiction, about how the screenplay was developed for Star Trek’s most acclaimed episode, City on the Edge of Forever.

The Star Trek episode . . . is Joan Collins in it?

Thanks for the recommendations, George! :smiley:

Going to start the Bob Lee Swagger series once I finish what i’m currently reading. Sort of in the same genre as other authors i’ve followed. Vince Flynn or Brad Thor for example.

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Yes, she plays the role of Edith Keeler.

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Are you lusting after a woman who is now 88 years old?

I will in 18 years. :wink:


Tuned into a Johnny Carson Tonight Show last night. The show was originally broadcast November 1985. Joan Collins was a subject of one of the monologue jokes.

Johnny: I here there’s a new Joan Collins doll for Christmas this year. No batteries to worry about, she’s always turned on.