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Yep, you read that right.

I simply had to jump into the community to share a heated debate from the office. The question: which car seat fabric best suppresses a fart.

That’s right. We’re that busy at Car Talk Plaza.

The jury’s out, and we’ve decided to toss the issue to the Car Talk Community.

What do you think? So far, the staff is veerying towards cloth over leather. We’re thinking some tests might be in order.

Any field experience you’d like to share?

Yours in weighty gaseous matters,

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey
Car Talk Plaza

Suppresses ? as in quiet and inaudable ?


Leather and vinyl ( even perforated ) both reflect and amplify.
Cloth absorbs both sound and …

Are we trying to create a SBD-friendly environment? I think the odor will be the same.

The best hands down is corduroy fabric from the 80s and 90s. Dodge had the best corduroy fabric in its cars and mini vans. The fabric was comfortable when wearing shorts, or not wearing a shirt, didn’t feel cold in the winter, had stench absorbing abilities, plus could hide all sorts of staines. Bring back the corduroy!

I would think if you could somehow have a chair without any covering, the bare foam would do an excellent job of swallowing that fart

“suppresses a fart” . . . kind of sounds like you might want to prevent the fart from occurring

After all, a cough suppressant is supposed to prevent the cough, correct?

Hey, if they can incorperate air conditioning into the seat ,
maybe next they can reverse the air flow for personal aroma release.

Now if the unthinkable happens and a fart becomes a shart you will have bigger things to worry about then the odor, in this case Vinyl or leather all the way.

It is a sad state of affairs when the senior web lackey second post is on flatulance, really? Is it prompting you into responding seriously to such a stupid question. Sit on a dryer sheet and call it a day. Show us your credentials.

Fabric? For this problem, maybe not such an important consideration. Good ventilation is the key I think. You know those huge fans insurance companies use to dry out the carpet when a house floods? Something along those lines might help … lol …

I like the idea with the fan

Perhaps a seat with a fan . . . that blows the fart in someone else’s face


“Heated debate from the office…”?

People drawing a salary are arguing a point like this? Next discussion; downsizing and the elimination of driftwood… :wink:

The seats in Hyundais were manufactured by a firm with a logo that included FAM and a factory rep told a class of dealer mechanics that the letters stood for Fart Absorbing Material. A few weeks later one of the mechanics called to inform the rep that they had tested the seats in a new Hyundai against several other brands and found that the FAM seats proved to be the best.

@ok4450 why do you want to eliminate driftwood? I love that stuff!, not that a hijack of topic is a bad thing.

Driftwood = employees with too much time on their hands…

@ok4450 Sorry I thought you meant beautiful driftwood you pick up on the beach…

No problem and I agree with you about the real stuff.
Now to get the office pool going about how long it will be before I get whacked… :slight_smile:

I was in the restaurant business many years in many places, if you are so busy, in FL you are swamped, Southern Ill, in the weeds, ND, snowed, off topic for sure but oh well, need a few more flags, Cause I was not familiar with driftwood being underutilized employess, or as we say wasted as teets on a bull.

Personally, I don’t see the seat material as making any difference.

Blame it on a faulty catalytic converter…

I always blame the dog.

I can’t say what fabric suppresses it best, all I can vouch for is that if I let one go (quietly) at work, it’s like a dog whistle that somehow summons umpteen people to immediately come over when I most want privacy and obscurity.