What is Vegan Leather?

Newish article from John:
Thoughts from the group on car interiors these days?

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Good article by John G. He does a good job of uncovering the marketing “greenwashing” in calling plastics “leather.” Vegan leather is what most of us had in our early cars… but we called it vinyl.

The best, most durable seat fabric I have ever had was the wool blend seats in my 85 Merkur. The stuff was cool in hot weather, warm in cold and wore like iron. 13 years owned and the seats looked new.

Clearly leather and wool are sustainable products. Heck, the sheep does’t even have to die to provide wool. PETA is just nuttier than squirrel poop.


Another vegan puzzle: biodiesel. Saw a ‘how it’s made’ on that. One source: beef tallow.


I’m only familiar with Bridge of Weir leather, where the cows are penned in by stone walls instead of barbed wire to prevent marring of the hide when the animal rubs against it.

As for vegan leather, I’ll have to think about it while I eat an Impossible burger and drink a glass of soy milk. :grinning:


Hyundai owning coworker had leather seats, rode w/him to lunch quite often. Personally I don’t like leather seats as much as cloth. Leather doesn’t breath as well, sweat on the seat surface feels icky. Vinyl worse than leather tho.

In another thread, I expressed my fondness for crushed velour upholstery. I was fairly roundly derided, but hey, that velour looked sharp with my leisure suits or polyester slacks.


Back in the sixties there was Naugahyde. :grin: To quote a country boy joke I heard, “It takes a lotta them naugies to get 'nuff hide for one uh these lounge chairs.”


And where have you been hiding, young lady?

An oldie yet still cringe worthy :grinning:

Limiting screen time while recovering from a concussion several months ago, dealing with identity theft, and the death of one of my brothers.

Many regulars here have been through their own tough times, so my recent challenges are only what life sometimes tosses at we mortals.

In cheerier news, my eight year old Camry is still nicely trouble free and had an oil change a few weeks ago. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not crushed but the Toyota Century has a velour interior most of us haven’t seen since 90’s Toyota’s.

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Recardo Montalban calls it Corinthian leather.


I’m sorry for your loss. We’ve missed you.


Thank you sir.

Wasn’t the Toyota Century a Limo size/style car that was marketed only in Japan, the US market kind of knew a similar version as the Lexus LS line, but not as plush.

The photo is of a Japanese model as the steering wheel is on the Right Side and if you notice the Ignition Switch is between the steering column and the door, proving that the photo has not been flipped 180 degrees (like a mirror image…).

So, an upscale car like this would have the most luxurious interior…

I think BK impossible burgers are made from vegan beef substitute. And the hides from them vegan cows are made into seat covers.



Cows are vegans, so real leather could be vegan leather? :wink:


Tell that to the cow.

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Considered a luxury car in Japan, they could also buy what we know as the Lexus LS but with a cloth interior, Photo is from one of the Century’s in stock at Duncan imports in Virginia who have 20 or so on hand.