Remove vomit stench from seat

hi guys! love your show. this is my problem:i have a 2007 toyota camry, cloth seats, that i keep immaculate. there was an “accident” in my car. cleaned it THOROUGHLY. but i have a stench on 1 of the seats that i cannot get rid of. i tried witchhazel, febreeze, pet odor remover, and dish soap (not all together) any suggestions? thanks!

Next time you go drinking, take a taxi home.

not from drinking!

I have a Bissel “Little Green Machine” that ‘steam’ cleans upholstery. I’ve had success removing pet odors from fabric with this steam cleaner. You might also try a detail shop–I’m sure that these shops have encountered this problem in the past.

thanks. sounds like a good idea.

Did you clean absolutely every where the vomit touched ? An accident like that tends to SPLASH and you may not have cleaned some un-known areas.

If the steam cleaning doesn’t get it from the outside you’re going to have to take the upholstery off the seat to clean from it’s under side and the foam under that.
You’d take the seat out of the car, unclip the D rings and slip off the fabric.

2nd the “Little Green Machine” idea only I have a Bissell “SpotBot” that is for spot cleaning rugs. It also has a manual mode with a small hose that shoots hot water on a spot and then sucks it all right out again. It works great on car upholstery and carpets. A handy item, great Valentines Day gift.

All the other stuff you’ve used stays on the area. This gizmo pulls the smelly debris out and with a couple of repeat uses it will work. Then the Fabreze will help if there is any lingering unpleasant odor.

If you have the option, leave the doors open for a few weeks.

I actually asked a friend about this when i was playing designated driver and i ended up using the green macine then windex of all things after the green machine and it got rid of the smell really good

yes i did…what a job. i’ll try the steam clean & go from there

The key to the ‘steam’ cleaning is time.
It’s not actually steam but just the hot water you put in the tank so get it good and wet to soak waaay down in.
Then you can use the vacuum setting ( without wetting more ) as many passes as it takes to really suck up the deep soaking.

Then do it again.

I have both, a Bissell green machine and a wet/dry shop vac.
The shop vac has the stronger suction and I just pour hot water from a jug. ( spaghetti and cool aid spills on the home carpet come up in a snap when attacked asap. Last year the three year old had a stomach bug and would spew without warning, it’s all been cleaned and doesn’t smell. )