Kitty Litter Aerodynamics

I heard the show caller and his describing the cartop carrier issue. I would think something inflatable like inner tubes are even air mattresses would secure the sides so as not to oilcan and vibrate. They would be small to carry and not add to the weight of the car like the kitty litter or water Kim mentioned.

I missed that one, whatever it was about.

Kitty litter? Inner tubes? Air mattress?

I’m intrigued. What was the caller’s question?

At my apartment complex in Germany, I have to pay extra for trash pickup. So, I just haul my garbage and recycling to work where I can dispose of it at no cost. I would suggest that when Kim from Cumberland goes to visit his daughter, load up the carrier with garbage and recycling and dispose of it at the dumpster and recycling center nearest his daughters.

OK, so I know this is really late, but I save up podcasts and listen when I’m driving longer, like on holiday trips. I just want to say that I can confirm that it is not wise to drive with an empty cartop carrier. I have had a personal experience with this. Years ago, when I first used a cartop carrier, apparently not having read the warnings or the instruction manual, I drove down I-40 with an empty cartop carrier. It took about 50 miles, but the wind tore the carrier right off the car. It ripped the 4 main bolts right through the plastic bottom of the carrier. Luckily no-one was behind me or hurt. Now if I need to drive with it empty I put weight in it AND use extra tie-downs across it.