Fixing a Power Window in a 2001 Chevy Blazer

This spring we purchased a Blazer from my parents. They of course had all sorts of work done on it before we bought it from them so that we didn’t have to worry about maintenance issues. And of course, there have been plenty of maintenance issues since we bought it from them just a few months ago.

The most recent is that the driver’s side power window seems to be off track. It won’t go all the way to the top. It does go down all the way. In the process it tips forward a bit. It’ll go up to about an inch or two from the top. And I can pull it up to within a quarter inch (but sometimes it slips back down).

I’m not overly mechanical, but I have a friend who is willing to help me. Is this something that’s worth trying to fix on our own (I know taking apart doors can be a pain) or is it worth shelling out the money to have someone else do it?

Thank you!

Get the door panel off (look for screws around the handle you use to pull the door shut,pehaps a plastic cover over them) then get the master switch out (slide it forward or back then up)then with a thin tool pop the bottom edge of the panel free (if you make a mark no one will see it there). It sounds like the spring that helps the window go up and the glass retention at one end is where the problem is. Let us know how you feel after you get the panel off.

Once you get the bottom and sides of the panel lose, the top edge just lifts out of the door frame…There may be a sheet of plastic (water barrier) hiding the window mechanism. Remove it. Raise the window about half way up so you can see how it’s supported along it’s edges. Something has come lose…

I have a 2000 Blazer and use the Repair guides on the Autozone website for reference. Here is the section on interior trim. I try to do as much as I can as the Blazer is a maintenance hog. Preventive maintenance is the key to not going broke owning one of these.

This is from the repair guide for 94-99 S10 Blazers. Most of it is applicable to 2002 and earlier Blazers. There is a repair guide for 2000 and later Blazers. Most of the info is for the new Trailblazer (the S10’s replacement), but there is info specific to the S10 Blazer.

There is no info on the interior in this guide though.

Hopefully it’s just a loose bolt or something simple. It’s worth trying to fix yourself.

Good luck,

Ed B.