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Windows are possesed by the devil!

my girlfriends driverside window, opens on its own, while the keys are in the house! 2005 chevy silverado,
could be from driving in the ocean, and splashing water on the window buttons, can i clean this up myself, and what parts should i replace?
thanks “Lindon blair”

I do not know which parts to replace, but think about the conditions that would cause your situation. My first question is do all powered items, radio headlights etc. turn off after x amount of time as they should?

I would not replace any parts until you find the actual problem with the windows. You can buy a Haynes repair manual for your vehicle at any large auto parts store. They usually have a good wiring diagram in the back of the book for the entire vehicle. I think most Chevy’s use a combination of parallel, series and series-parallel circuits for their power window setup which can make it a hair-puller if you don’t understand how the system works.

I would start by checking the driverside window switch since water may have intruded into it and could be making it short out. If you are mechanically minded and the switch can be taken apart easily you may find the problem. I have also seen breaks in the wiring at the door hinge do this as well as an intermittent relay for the power window motor. You can always find a good independent mechanic and get the problem fixed as well.

well, i got it fixed!, ordered a new window controller from b+r auto rendering in eugene oregon,
the guy knew his stuff! asked me for numbers in the glovebox even!, plugged it in and it worked!
crappy design by chevy, for allowing water to get on a circuit boardWtf!, 60.00, as opposed to 209.00 from the dealer! thanks for the advice!!! g.