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Window Lock Chevy Blazer

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and the window lock switch isn’t working properly. I recently had the windows locked to prevent a dog from opening them, but now none of the windows will open from their own controls with the switch set to normal. All windows can be operated from the driver side still. Any solutions on how to fix this?

sounds like you haven’t unlocked the drivers door lock out button. look in your manual for directions.

it sounds like you clicked it and got it to work, and cant get it un clicked.

Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner or WD40 into the switch and then working the switch to clean the contacts. I tried the lockout switch on my 2000 Blazer and didn’t experience any problems.

If you need to replace the switch or to reseat the connectors, the entire switch panel can be remove by gently pulling up on the front of the panel closest to the door hinge.

Ed B.