New Beetle Power Window Problem

Hi Car Talk Folks,

I have a 2008 red Beetle convertible. I absolutely love it! I have just one problem. The power windows have a mind of their own. When I use the toggle to raise all 4 windows, the driver’s side window goes down again by itself. Further sometimes, when I leave the driver’s door open and then close it, the window goes up or down by itself. I am assuming there is some weird electrical interface issue. The dealer keeps changing out the window operating modules but the problem persists. It is erratic, happens a lot then not for a few weeks. I would like to resolve this before the warranty runs out - in October. Does anyone have or had a similar problem? Any thoughts - any good ideas?



Best idea is free warranty repair at the dealer.

Take it to another VW dealer. Often times one dealership will suck, but if you take it to the one across town they’ll get it right.

If you don’t have another dealer to take it to, tell them that they’ve replaced the same part several times and it hasn’t fixed the problem, and ask them if it needs to be escalated to VW.