Fixing a car with oatmeal

After listening to a recent podcast that included a caller asking about fixing his car with oatmeal, I saw this old Hints For Happy Motoring sign at the Larz Anderson auto museum. Note the third item on the list.

Have heard of oatmeal, and also raw egg…but the horse manure is a new one on me!

I guess you want manure from a horse that ate oats…

Those old cars did not have water pumps. Even a Model A rad leak could be fixed with oatmeal.

I’ve heard of bananas in the rear differential to quiet it up.

That’s a fun photo, thanks for posting.

“A windshield rubbed with sliced onion will stay clear on rainy days” ?? hmmm … sounds plausible, but …

Does this mean to rub the outside of the windshield, so the onion works like Rain-X?

Or does it mean to rub the inside of the windshield, so the onion works like a defogger?