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Undrinkable wine

use it to kill insects in the garden–pour the wine into a spray bottle, add a dish of lemon detergent and spray the bugs. The alcohol will make them happy while the taste kills them.

And this is relevant how? This is ‘Car Talk’, not ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

There was a caller on last week’s show who wanted to know something about what to do with some undrinkable wine she is constantly receiving from a well-meaning but incompetent amateur wine-maker. I can’t remember what she wanted to do with the wine that may have been automobile-related.

Actually I think she wanted to use it as windshield washer fluid…

Who listens to the show anyway. Dewey? Not always.

This post would probably help more people if posted in Dear Heloise.

You know, there is a forum here called “the show.” I am not sure why anyone would put this discussion under “repair and maintenance.” Maybe with a user name like “squint231,” the OP should get some glasses?

I just listened to it on-line (linked from this site) . . . the woman had cases and cases of poor quality wine (given to her from an amateur friend wine-maker) . . . she wanted to use it as windshield washer fluid because of the alcohol content it had. The boys warned that the wine would work it’s way into the engine bay via the windshield cowl and create an odor. I guess the OP thinks that this forum is a submission board for questions posed on the radio show. If you check back here OP (original poster if you’re not familiar with the term) . .just post your suggestion on the other section of this site in the topic section called “The Show”. This particular section is for repair and maintenance questions and discussion. Stop back anytime. Rocketman

If this wine were distilled, it might make some good licker.