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Raw egg in the radiator?

Does the raw egg in the radiator trick really work? it was just discussed here and I’m thinking a very definite maybe. Anyone try it? Rocketman

Why screw up your entire cooling system when there are proven commercial products on the market designed expressly to take care of the problem?

Eggs are for breakfast. That’s it.

For instance, there’s this stuff out there called “Radweld” by Holtz that Subaru rebadges and calls a “Coolant system conditioner”. It is supposed to help fix small leaks in the head gasket.
If your radiator is leaking, I’d just replace it. It is easy to do and pretty cheap.

Never tried. Would not try it. My preference is to do an actual repair.
I’ll try it when and if I ever see “eggs” on the automotive manufacturer’s parts list in the cooling system design drawings.

if you are cool with a messy clean up, go for it. I personally think it would work, but only temporarily. let us know.

I’ve never tried a raw egg. But I know black pepper stops radiator leaks. I’ve used black pepper to stop an external head gasket leak on a Beretta I owned.


Breakfast for your radiator, 1 egg and a tbsp of pepper? now if only there were orange juice!

I think some hash browns would add fiber to the patch.

How about a nice cuppa coffee?

I don’t have a leak I was just thinking out loud I guess … personally I believe that “stop-leak” products probably will work but would also clog the rest of the cooling system. Maybe work too well. The egg idea and Testers’ black pepper are interesting MacGyver fixes tho, don’t you think? Any others? Rocketman

Actually Mythbusters did the “egg in a radiator to stop a small leak” test. It actually worked. Of course you still have egg in your radiator, which probably isn’t a good thing, but as temporary stop-gap solution it’s a viable option.