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Resolution of problem from the guy in Wooster

On the show, you had a caller that was having too much oil but low coolant. You said to have him come over and see where he was putting in the fluids. Ray thought he was adding liquid to the wrong system. Tommmy thought he had major damage to the engine. I can’t remember if it was a cracked gasket but something was causing the coolant to leak into the system and the green and red made brown liquid. Did you ever solve this problem? I thought you would solve it on the air like the guy in Seattle with the jacket on the engine.

Love your show,

Sherri in Spokane

I didn;t hear the show, but this would be a classic headgasket failure, especually if there was overheating involved.

By the way, it’s spelled Worcester. Only native New Englanders know this. And perhaps weathermen.

MB, you are correct about the city in your neck of the woods, but it is possible that the caller was from Wooster, Ohio.

Regardless, I am interested in knowing the details about “the guy in Seattle with the jacket on the engine”. What was the deal with that?

You’re right. Their suggesting that he stop in and they’d see where he was adding the fluids made me assume that he was from Worcester Mass, their being Bostonians.

Jacket on the engine? What’s that one about?

Thanks for the correct spelling of Worcester. The guy lived close enough to come to the station so they could check out his car, but no mention of how the issue was resolved. I think it was a crack in the engine like Tommy suggested.

A man bought a Willey, (I know I spelled it incorrectly), and drove it across the mountains and across Washington State. He had a terrible smell and then a small fire under the hood. He put the fire out and drove home. He took another trip and again had the terrible burning smell but the gauges didn’t run hot. While on the air discussing his problem Ray and Tommy tell him to look for something left on the engine like a jacket or animal. Since he was calling on his cell phone, the caller looks under the car and sees the remains of jacket!

Sincere thanks for the follow up post. So many post once and disappear into the night.

Besides, I’ve been looking everywhere for that jacket!

Have a great weekend.

The ‘jacket on the engine’ involved the truck engine bursting into flame while running down the highway. The ‘guy from Seattle’ was reluctant to drive the truck until he solved the flamation problem.

Anyway, C & C thought it might be something deposited onto the exhaust manifold. The ‘guy from Seattle’ while still on line goes outside slides under the truck and sees something furry on the exhaust manifold. He thinks he can extract it from up above. It turns out to be the remanent of a mostly burnt up synthetic jacket. The guy was not missing a jacket and had no idea how the jacket had gotten there.

Problem solved – instant feedback – who would have thunk.