Raw Egg on Vehicle

I?m crying over raw egg splashed and then cooked on the side of my Motor Home. I have searched the Internet for suggestions on how to clean this up, but am frustrated in finding very little information. The information provided amounts to get it off quickly before it ?cooks? and this applies to any vehicle, which has the misfortune of being in the sights of vandals. Needless to say, I didn?t notice the damage until quite some time after the fact. I tried the vinegar and water suggestion, but the egg is cooked on and tighter than glue. I would think that other ideas are available. How about digestive enzymes or acids?  Please Help!!!


I’ve had success with setting up a lawn sprinkler and letting it soak a car for most of the day. Then I used a plastic bondo spreader to scrape it off without damaging the finish. You may need to buff it with rubbing compound if the paint was injured before you got it off.


Now, you know why artists have used egg as a binder in paint for hundreds of years. And, a lot of those paintings are still around!


try a wire brush and dont scratch the paint, or try some oops


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that information.mhtbob