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Fix transmission or buy new car

My current car a 2001 Honda Accord with 131,000 miles needs a new transmission. Despite the service bulletin on the transmission from Honda they will not cover any part of the cost for repair at this point. I was quoted $2300. Do I repair the transmission in a car I am otherwise happy with or buy a new car?

This is a common issue on these cars, and the quote you got is not bad, particularly if you get a good warranty with it. As long as the car has been well maintained and has no other major issues, I don’t see why not to fix it. If you have not replaced the timing belt, tensioner, and water pump in this car, get that done as well to avoid having the engine go next. A failed timing belt means the end of the road for the engine in this car, as valves meet pistons and turn the engine internals into a mound of twisted metal.

I seem to recall having heard previously here on Car Talk about some older Hondas having weak automatic transmissions. Do any of the believers here have old copies of Consumer Reports that warn of this condition? If anyone can provide enlightenment on that, I for one will temper my doubtful attitude regarding the ability of Consumer Reports to provide more than just relatively insignificant details when choosing a car.

Perhaps this should be an original post but a current example is good to go from.

Let’s assume the body is in good condition and the motor is fine, you definitely would do well to repair. The car is worth very little if you don’ t fix it and the price does not seem thatbout of line. At that age and miles I wouldn’t expect any help.
If you have any doubts about the body too, than your decision is in favor of cutting your losses.


If you live in the rust belt and the car is turning itself into little brown flakes, junk it.

If it’s full of squeaks and rattles and the dog has eaten half the upholstery and it has never had regular maintenance and the sunroof leaks, junk it.

If it looks straight and clean, if the engine/timing belt/tires/brakes/suspension have all had regular maintenance or are in good condition, and the car suits your needs and does what you need it to, fix it. $2300 is a decent price for a remanufactured transmission with a warranty, and with regular maintenance you can reasonably expect the car to go another 131,000 miles.

This must be the V6 version of the Accord. Shop around. If you can’t find a better deal fix it and drive it for another 130,000 miles.