Honda accord tranmission


ive got a 2000 honda accord ex v6 with a bad transmission it has 150,000 miles on it

i travel around 25000 miles a yearI owe around 6000 dollars on it.The dealer wamts 4000 to replace the transmission with a non honda trans.should i do it or trade it in? thanks


Sounds to me like you sort of have to. Do you think you’ll be able to get 6000 for it on trade in with a blown transmission? I doubt it, but you may be able to sell it to a private party for somewhat closer to 10,000 in working condition. Depending on your financial situation it may make more sense to go ahead and change the transmission and keep it, since the money you’ve already paid for it is a sunk cost and, all things considered, this isn’t a bad car to have for $10,000. Alternatively, you could try selling it and finding a cheaper car to try and get out from under some of that debt, but with as much as you drive it’s probably worth it to you to keep it.

It does seem odd to me though that the dealer is offering to put in a non-Honda transmission. It seems to me that this would defeat the purpose of going to the dealer and if you’re going to put in an aftermarket transmission (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you might as well go to an independent transmission shop that will charge less for labor.


thanks but i called i a independant the price was about the same


Honda transmissions are expensive. An overhaul kit for your Accord lists for $560.00, shift solenoids $360.00 EACH , Linear solenoid, $660.00 Torque converter $290.95 These are just BASIC items needed in an overhaul. Any other hard parts which are worn or broken will also need to be replaced. So, if you are buying a “NON HONDA” rebuilt transmission this is what you can expect that the rebuilder has in it. I’ll give you an example, I rebuilt my sisters Accord transmission, got all parts at MY cost, and of course didnt charge her any labor. She still wrote me a check for $2475.00. Bottom line, $4000.00 is in the ball park for your Accord. Have you thought about a salvage yard “USED” transmission?? You might be able to find one with decent mileage.



Ouch, for 4 grand you’d think that you could upgrade your Accord to a 5 speed manual trans…

Have you thought about looking into that possibility?


The 2000’s the ones with the defective transmissions Honda recalled? Buying used will just be like purchasing another ticking time bomb. Rebuild hopefully addresses the defects.


Go ahead and pay them aand get an alignment done to help save the rebuilt transmission.


Just out of curiosity how much cheaper and “easier” are standard transmissions to replace, rebuild, repair, service, etc?


I drive all of my cars from 200,000 to 250,000 miles and drive standard transmissions exclusively. I have never serviced a manual transmission or experienced any failure. That’s why I don’t but an automatic. If you are cheap like me and like to drive a car until it has no residual value, avoid automatic transmissions.


It’s worth checking on the price of a used transmission at salvage yards. With 150,000 miles it’s a risk paying for a new transmission.


Junk yards are full of Japanese cars with blown transmissions. Yours will be parked there shortly. You are upside down on your loan, not a good place to be. Your cost-per-mile of owning a car is about 5 times what it should be.

Perhaps you can not AFFORD to drive 25,000 miles a year. It’s costing you WAY too much money…


How much more for a Honda transmission replacement? They carry a 3yr/36k miles warranty parts & labor.

Your car is not worth $6000 in its current state so trading it in simply adds money to your loan nothing else.

Your best bet is to fix it, pay it off, and keep driving till it does not go any further to regain your $4k into the tranny. I would avoid the used tranny route unless you are sure it was a rebuild, as stated before sadly Honda had ticking time bombs in their auto tranny’s in this vintage.