Honda Accord V-6 2002 - needs a transmission

I’ve been told my car (Honda Accord V-6 2002 with 118K) will need a new or rebuilt transmission. I bought the car a few months ago cheaply from a family member with this stipulation. However, when I went to my mechanic he told me not to rush it. He said to wait until it gets bad if I’m short on cash (which he knows I always am).

Is this something I should I get done straight away? Or is it something that can wait? Also, what happens when it “goes”? Will I be stranded somewhere - and will the repair be worse (more expensive) if I let it deteriorate more?


If you need a new transmission, driving with your current one until it dies will not increase the cost of replacement. It could very well leave you stranded, just don’t take any long trips with it and plan on having to call a tow truck some day.

I should also mention that I can feel that the transmission takes awhile to shift and then sometimes shifts hard. It’s only really bad when accelerating up hills, etc. It is definitely noticeable though.

Start saving money towards the repair. It won’t get better, this is a common EXPENSIVE problem with early 2000’s Honda’s.

It may leave you stranded but realistically any car over 7yrs old can.

Because of the very high incidence of transmission failures on 2000-02 Accords, Honda extended the warranty coverage for owners. While I suspect that 118k is beyond the coverage limit, it would be a good idea to check with a Honda dealership’s service department regarding this issue.

If you give them your VIN, they can tell you the limits of the extended transmission warranty on this car. Who knows? You just might luck out and wind up saving a few thousand $$!

Thanks - that’s a great tip. Worth a shot.

My mechanic said it would range from $1500-$2500. Is that accurate?

Here’s a site with some info, and a Honda phone # to call:


That is a good price although a used one likely. Clarify if used as this transmission is more prone to early failure and you may head down the same road.