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99 Honda needs new transmission-Is it worth it?

My 1999 Honda which I bought in 2005 my sophomore year of college is now in need of a new transmission. I have regularly changed parts when they needed to be changed. The car is in good condition. Leather seats are still in tact. The mechanic quoted me a price of $2200 US to fix. The car has 220,000 miles. I am wondering If it is time to call it quits on the old champ. Any advice would help. Thanks

She served you well.

But at almost a quarter million miles it’s time to say goodbye.

Put the money for the tranny replacement towards a replacement vehicle.


If you don’t have enough money for another car, and if the rest of the car is in excellent condition, and if all of the maintenance is up to date, it might be worth it

If you go for it, you should plan on driving it for a few more years.

By the way, would the rebuilt transmission come with any kind of warranty?

Yeah it comes with a three year warranty or 36k miles which ever comes first

Here’s the way I look at it.

If you can repair any problem yourself then go for it!

But when you’re paying someone else to for these repairs, and with a vehicle at a quarter million miles? Move on.


Yes It is at 220,000 and I would be paying someone else If I choose to repair.

I will disagree here just a wee bit. If it is just the transmission and you like the car, I’d say do it. BUT, look over the car carefully and open the maintenance schedule and compare to your records.

When will it be due for the next timing belt service? When will it need new tires? How much longer before it needs brakes (look at the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir, if it is near the add mark, you will need pads soon)? Have the CV joint boots been replaced or the axles replaced (they are good for about 10 years or so on a Honda)? Muffler? Struts? Battery?

It is possible that keeping this car could get quite expensive, but if you have had all this done recently, maybe you should do the transmission and recoup your other investments in the car.

BTW, why do you think you need the transmission rebuilt or repaired, what is it doing? Is the D4 light blinking? You might just need an ATF drain and refill. You didn’t by any chance allow a quicky oil change place flush your transmission did you?

How about a used transmission with lower miles? Should find one with at least 6 months of warranty. See how much that would cost.
$2200 is about 5-6 car payments if you were to replace it with a new Accord. On the other hand, how would you feel if the engine stopped running or you needed major suspension overhaul.
As mentioned, I will have the mechanic look everything over and give you a probable list.

Well, you are a successful college grad with a good job. Don’t u think it’s time to buy a newer, nicer car? I could see a 08 accord in ur future.

Unless it’s a Honda in nearly perfect shape…I would move on. At 220K and 15 years it’s useful life is just about over. The transmission will put it back on the road but something else will probably fail in short order. Sell it for parts or a fixer-upper and don’t look back.