Transmission Replacment vs New Honda

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with 147K and will, in the next six months, require a transmission replacement. There are no other, known problems. Engine is in good shape, no body rust, no suspension issues. The question becomes do I spend the $2500 on tranny repair or get a new car

You won’t be able to buy a car in that condition for $2,500, especially with a known maintenance history, so my vote is yes.

If everything else is in good shape as you say, I’d definitely go for the repair. You should be able to get another 5-10 yrs out of it, depending.

Do your homework and find a good independent shop that has done Honda transmissions and will give you a good warranty.

A new Honda is going to cost more than $2500. Unless you are just looking for an excuse to get something else because you are sick of driving this car, this is not a reason to get rid of this car. If you have really maintained this car well, and it is as described, you might as well fix the transmission and keep driving it. Even if it lasts only two more years, that a $100 a month car payment, which will not get you a new car. Regardless of what you do, despite what the maintenance schedule calls for, add in a drain/fill/filter change for the transmission every two years or 30k miles and you should get better life out of a transmission than 147k miles.

I would change it out for $2500.

Make sure you performed a timing belt change already.